Water is my business…

Water is a precious resource, and we are committed to providing customers with a reliable and safe system that meets your residential, agricultural or commercial needs.

We do not dig wells.

We’ll be happy to provide a list of well diggers often used by our customers, and we offer a complimentary initial consultation about designing and installing your water system – residential, agricultural or commercial – when your well is dug.

Water System Design & Installation Services

The challenge of getting water to exactly where it is needed is faced at some point by every homeowner, farmer or developer. The type of well, style of pump and the pipe and fittings have a bearing on the safety of the water being delivered.

Tim Walls has more than three decades of experience in the installation of water systems for individual homeowners, irrigation and livestock systems as well as large scale residential and commercial developments.

Licensed as a Well Water Contractor by the State of Tennessee (Permit No. 823), Tim is properly insured to handle jobs large and small, residential, agricultural or commercial. He offers a complimentary initial consultation to discuss and evaluate your project goals and requirements.

The next step is to design the water delivery system, which Tim does according to your specific needs. You can expect to receive a written estimate of the work that will be conducted and a proposed timeframe from start to completion for your job site.

After the project is designed in a manner that will meets your expectations and state regulations, Tim will provide the plumbing and electrical materials, construction labor, equipment and expertise in installation of the system.

Common Water Systems are:

  1. Gravity Flow Systems
  2. Solar Pump Systems
  3. Livestock Watering Systems
  4. Potable Household Water Systems

Contact us for ….

  • Setting Up Pumping Systems New Wells
  • Set Up Spring Pumping Systems
  • Public Water Delivery System From The Trunk Line To Your Property
  • Trenching with Piping and Wire
  • Wire Sizing
  • Pump Sizing
  • Pressure Pump System
  • Conventional Pump System
  • Low Productivity Water Source Solutions
  • Provides Piping, Wiring, Pump, etc.
  • Cattle Watering System
  • Design Water System for Commercial Poultry Barns
  • Create the Maintenance Program for all Water Systems
  • Deep Well Pumping System – (we’ve done one as deep as 1,425′)

Walls will guide you in obtaining any necessary permitting prior to the beginning of the project and will be onsite for any necessary state inspections of the ongoing work.

Tim  is committed to assuring that your job will not be delayed over a wait for parts or equipment. Walls Lumber and Hardware stocks more than 40 different pumps for water projects as well as different Pressure Tanks from 40 to 220 gallon capacities.

Pipes, parts and fittings for the plumbing and electrical components are in kept stock at Walls Lumber and Hardware, so Tim is prepared for any installation and maintenance issues.

Tim has been a longtime dealer for some of the finest products associated with water system design and installation. For example, as a Key Dealer with Franklin Electric, Walls’ customers receive an additional 2-year warranty. He’s also a professional dealer of Pentair pump products. 

Sewage Disposal

Tim maintains all state licenses and certification for Sewage Disposal. Ask him about designing your waste system. Your sewage storage system and how and where it is installed can impact the quality of life and safety of your land.

State statutes require that you work with a contractor licensed in each of the requirements for well and water connections as well as the installations of the waste system.

However, all licensed contractors are not the same. Tim will be happy to provide a list of customers who have benefited from his years of experience so you may find out for yourself how his expertise in design, installation and implementation worked successfully for their projects.

The Tennessee Water Well Association

We are a long-time member of The Tennessee Water Well Association, a non-profit membership organization since 1951. Its mission is to promote the proper use and protection of well water to benefit both the individual and public welfare.