Homeowners and businesses that are built outside city or county sewer services often need to install a private on-site septic system. To ensure that the system is a safe and reliable system, it is very important to hire a licensed professional to install it.

A professional installation will involve the selection of the tank and the leach field. Adequate site selection is important to guarantee there are adequate soils and distance from groundwater to allow for complete wastewater treatment and reduced environmental impact.

Septic systems can adversely impact the surrounding ecosystem when they are not maintained. They can contaminate surface and groundwater and threaten public health. The untreated effluent can spread hepatitis, dysentery by leaching contaminates, nitrates, and bacteria in drinking water supplies. High concentrations of nitrates in drinking water present a special risk to infants, pregnant women, and adults with compromised immune systems.

Improperly maintained septic systems in wet areas can allow sewage to reach the surface attracting flies and mosquitoes that naturally breed in wet areas. The contaminated area can become a source of diseases spread by the flies and mosquitoes.

There is also risk to lakes and streams if the nutrients and bacteria from an improperly maintained septic system leaks into them. The input of excess nutrients can lead to excess algae growth and die-off natural inhabitants of the lake or stream from the resulting reduction of oxygen in their ecosystem.

There are several positive aspects to a well-maintained septic system. Unlike the city or county managed systems, there are no monthly costs associated with private septic systems. Septic systems do not contribute to contaminated groundwater caused by aging and leaking sewer lines and if they fail, the damage is limited to one area and is not catastrophic.

For property owners needing a private system or to be connected to a city or county system, Walls Lumber and Hardware can provide you with Licensed and Insured Sewage Disposal System Installations.